Schede luci


230V control unit max 2HP, with inverter, opto-isolated with delta connection. Specific for rapid doors and rapid unfolding doors. Compatible with encoder connection. Inputs: start-clock-timer, photo during opening and closing, security against unfolding of the door, partial opening, open and close limit switch, interlock, stop, slowing down switch during opening and closing. 8K2 or NC safety edge contact. Brake at 230V. Speed (frequency of the motor) and consumption of the motor can be digitally adjustable. Time acquisition in “real-time” Logic of the control unit: rapid inversion, community, bistable, bistable with pause, deadman function, closing after switching off, access control, pre-lighting, signal light in pause, gradual depart of the motor, force, obstacle detection, interlock (for 2 doors) and lots of more functions. The control unit has two memories to save all parameters to be also recall. Control card only.

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